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How do I change my credit card details?

British Council 11-Oct-2011 11:46:32

I want to keep my sub, but need to change the card. How?

Richard Kraaijenhage 11-Oct-2011 11:55:57


Thank you for your mail. You can change your credit card by canceling your current subscription, wait until you receive our end-of-subscription email. (at the end of your normal billing cycle) At that moment you can start a new subscription. We are working on making this simpler. Sorry for the inconvenience.



MARCA 13-Oct-2011 08:18:48

I can't believe this!

I just upgraded my account and I do need to change the suscription for a corporate account. So, are you actually telling me that I have to wait for a whole month until be able to change the credit card?

I guess it's a Joke...

Jorg Ruis 13-Oct-2011 08:27:10

Hi Marca,

Unfortunately this is the way it works right now. But again, like Richard said, we are working on making this simpler. It is on our priority list and hope to have it fixed soon.

Kind regards,


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