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Waiting for verification?

wildernict_ks3 20-Sep-2011 07:58:19

Hi Ive set up a twittermail account to take reminders from my gmail account and post on twitter.

Im waiting for my verification code that gmail requestsa to add a forwarding address. Before when I use this, this gets posted on my selected twitter account but I havent recieved anything!

Is twittermail not working? (tried to add forwarding from gmail to yahoo and code was sent, so its not gmail at fault!)

Richard Kraaijenhage 20-Sep-2011 08:03:48

Hi Wildernict,

We have some problems with the Twittermail service, we are working on it. Thanks for the tip!



wildernict_ks3 20-Sep-2011 08:06:18

Hi can you tweet me when its fixed, any ETA? @wildernict_ks3

Richard Kraaijenhage 20-Sep-2011 08:36:48

Yes, I will do. Can you send an email to containing your twittermail email address and the account you want to post to?

wildernict_ks3 20-Sep-2011 09:40:28

Done thanks :)

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