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Brad Wilmot 17-Sep-2011 04:44:29

It's been silently accepting but not posting emails for over two weeks now...

Brad Wilmot 18-Sep-2011 04:01:23

I changed to tweetymail... I can't use a service that not only doesn't work half the time, but they don't explain themselves... so long TC!

Richard Kraaijenhage 18-Sep-2011 09:11:48

Hey Brad, I am very sorry for my late reply, we are very busy performing maintenance to our servers to speed things up. What are you exactly sending to twittermail? Are you sending attachments with your email?

wildernict_ks3 20-Sep-2011 07:59:47

Any follow up on this?

Sam Wierema 20-Sep-2011 08:26:01

Please contact me at with the following details: the email address you're sending from, the Twittermail address you're sending to and the Twitter account it's supposed to post to.

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