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How do I add the widget to Tumblr?

Adam Enbar 08-Mar-2010 13:32:11

Love the widget- how exactly do I add it to my tumblog?

Sam Wierema 10-Mar-2010 10:08:13

If you go to you can place the widget code under "Info - Description"

Adam Enbar 10-Mar-2010 13:30:05

Sam- thanks for the response. That adds the widget right under my title and pushes the whole blog down. any way to have it remain static on the side?

Sam Wierema 11-Mar-2010 04:47:45

There is two ways to add the widget. Either under "Description" as I've said before (you just need to know where) or you edit your theme. Click on Theme and select Custom HTML. You can tell by the descriptions of the different elements whereabouts it should go.

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