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Accessing Stats For 10 Accounts - Quick Question

Rob Salmon 08-Sep-2011 11:29:12

Hi there - we're looking at investing in Pro Stats Branded so we can track follower growth / retweets & @ mentions for a clients' 10 Twitter accounts in different spots around the world. Just wanted to check if we'll need the login and passwords for all of the accounts in order to access the data?

Richard Kraaijenhage 09-Sep-2011 09:30:45

Hey Rob,

You can get stats to 10 twitter accounts with pro stats branded, you need the passwords to add the accounts. If you don't like that idea, send the login information (from the account you registered) to all you accounts to make them add by themselves.
When finished, change your password so they can't login any more.

Richard Kraaijenhage 09-Sep-2011 10:01:53

Please note that sharing your password with others is very insecure and you should only share it with people you trust.

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