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How can I get Twitter Counter to stop sending messages to my followers in my name?

Barbara Vey 30-Aug-2011 07:38:41

It's embarrassing when you send a message to my followers that I don't know about. Please stop it or tell me how to cancel my account with you.

Sam Wierema 30-Aug-2011 10:07:02

Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you're receiving unwanted Tweets through our service. It appears you've opted in to reach our Milestone Notifications. When you opt in for those notifications we send out a Tweet when your account reaches a certain milestone (e.g. 100 followers). I've disabled this setting for you, so you shouldn't receive them anymore.

If you're still receiving Tweets through our service, could you please send me an email at with the links to the offending Tweets so I can check out where they're coming from?

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