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Any estimate on when twitter mail will be fixed?

CHHS Panther Band 27-Aug-2011 06:40:00

Was wondering if there has been any progress on fixing twitter mail.

Kevin Hiebert 28-Aug-2011 00:14:24

It's still not working for me either. I was hoping this could be the key to centralizing my social media broadcasting: posting on Google+ to TwitterMail with #fb and #in hashtags to hit all 4 of my networks at once. If only it worked like it did on August 20th.

DorsetWildlife Trust 28-Aug-2011 03:56:43

Really keen on getting this fixed as well - as we use it extensively.

ILoveDrumnBass 28-Aug-2011 13:02:46

Same here, just wondering when it will be fixed.
After we checked all our system, we noticed that twittermail service wasn't working anymore :(
Thanks !

The Irish Field 29-Aug-2011 04:05:40

Also having problems since Saturday. Did anyone else receive a text from O2 a few weeks ago saying that their Twitter service would stop working on Aug 27th? I ignored it...uh oh.

P2000 Utrecht e.o. 29-Aug-2011 10:50:13

Here it also stopped working. When will it be fixed?

Jorg Ruis 29-Aug-2011 11:27:10

Hi All, it seems that some of you aren't able to use Twittermail. Our apologies for the inconvenience we'll look in to it and get back to you asap!

Austin Mullen ❌ 29-Aug-2011 17:20:26

This is not good that TM is not working because I push severe weather warnings, and over 500 people rely on these warnings to be pushed... I have over 800 alerts that have not been pushed since Saturday.

XOO-Cycling 30-Aug-2011 05:05:25

I get this error:
554 could not connect and send the mail to

Sam Wierema 30-Aug-2011 05:11:27

The Twittermail suffered an outage which forced us to reset the server and check everything. The service is back up again, but Tweets might still be delayed due to the high volume of email it's gathering.

The Irish Field 30-Aug-2011 16:10:12

Lots of our missing tweets came through in the past 3 hours. Thank you.

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