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Is Twitter Mail having a problem?

Bird National 26-Aug-2011 08:57:19

Emails sent through twitter aren't landing at twitter and haven't been for the past couple of hours, is it you or me that's having a problem?

Frederick Scanner 26-Aug-2011 09:01:52

Same problem here... I haven't seen one go thru since last night.

LeeCo.FL/Lee Control 26-Aug-2011 16:42:33

Getting delayed errors from my Exchange server. No messages via mail since 14:13 EST,

Please advise status

ksprsports 26-Aug-2011 19:47:05

Same situation. Nothing is going through.

Victoria 26-Aug-2011 19:53:05

I thought I was the only one. None of my tweets have posted today.

SillyGirl 26-Aug-2011 20:40:09

omg same here as well as my sis. i hope it gets fixed.

Meteo24-Culemborg 27-Aug-2011 03:59:28

Also here from 26 August 13.00 until now no messages are post on Twitter. Is there a problem??

CHHS Panther Band 27-Aug-2011 06:19:40

Also having this same problem. Seems to be a wide spread outage.

Holger 28-Aug-2011 11:59:01

Some idea when they will fix the problem ??? since two days...! I don`t see the fun of it.

Jorg Ruis 29-Aug-2011 11:31:05

Hi all, it seems that some of you aren't able to use Twittermail. Our apologies for the inconvenience. We'll look in to it and get back to you asap!

Frederick Scanner 29-Aug-2011 11:56:42

Thank-you Jorg. It appears as if your email gateway is down or just not accepting inbound email from us. My SMTP server times out trying to send to you.

Sam Wierema 30-Aug-2011 05:11:46

The Twittermail suffered an outage which forced us to reset the server and check everything. The service is back up again, but Tweets might still be delayed due to the high volume of email it's receiving.

Sterling VFC 01-Sep-2011 12:31:34

I'm seeing "connection refused" again. Are things still getting caught up or is the problem back again?

Meteo24-Culemborg 01-Sep-2011 13:41:52

Here the same "no connection", from about two hours ago until now. The problem I think is back???

Frederick Scanner 01-Sep-2011 13:47:46

Same problem here again. Since this thread is marked "Answered" do we need to start a new thread to be heard?

Sam Wierema 01-Sep-2011 17:12:36

The Twittermail service was down again. The server has been rebooted and we're monitoring the situation. It appears the server is suffering from intermittent spam attacks, which cause everything to lock up.

As this is the second time in a short period we're working on a better solution. We've implemented more spam filters and are engaging spammers more actively.

The service could become unavailable again in the next few days as we change the setup to account for higher usage and other variables.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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