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My account is tracking the wrong twitter feed

Kerin Donahue 10-Aug-2011 15:26:41

My assistant set up Twitter Counter for us and it's now following my personal twitter feed in error (@Kerin34). It should be following @coronacanada (our client). How do I change this?

Run 360 12-Aug-2011 17:13:47

Iv'e got the same issue. can i not have more than one handle on my account? I even tried to delete one so I could use the other but there seems to be no ftcly for this. rediculous. I will not use or recomend this now.

Sam Wierema 15-Aug-2011 07:06:06

The first issue that was posted was a problem with logging in with a different account. To log in with a different account you would need to log out of Twitter Counter ánd Twitter. When you then log back in to Twitter Counter you should be able to sign as the other account on Twitter.

@Run360: If that is not what you meant, please explain what issue you're experiencing in more detail.

Sabrina 16-Aug-2011 06:44:46

I've got also the same question as Kerin Donahue. I made this account for a client, but I did not their twitteraccount information. I presumed that when I payed for the account I could change the Twittername into twittername of the client. Now, my personal account is been tracked. Where can I change the e-mailadres and twitteraccount?

Run 360 16-Aug-2011 13:40:02

I've logged out and when attempt to log back in it just logs me in as the 1st user. Sounds same as Sabrina. Like your dropping a cokkie but not clearing it (or something like that. Im no techie)

Sam Wierema 17-Aug-2011 07:50:39

@run360 and @SabrinaJurriens please contact me via email at

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