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How do I receive the verification code sent from Google to allow me to forward emails to twittermail?

DigitalMouth 01-Aug-2011 14:56:36

In order to forward my emails out of Gmail, Google requires that I receive and verify their confirmation code. Google has sent this code to my secret twittermail address, where do I find it?

Thank you!

Sam Wierema 02-Aug-2011 10:16:39

We have not received any verification code from GMail. Every email sent should be stored in our database, but I can not find a record of any emails sent by you.

If we have not received an email, something might be going wrong. Unfortunately we do not have the technical infrastructure to find out what's going on.

Could you try sending another verification email to your Twittermail address?

Aemstelgroep 07-May-2012 03:35:16

I currently have the same problem, did you receive a verification mail from Google Apps /


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