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How do I change my billing settings?

Melbourne Symphony 31-Jul-2011 23:33:32

If I wish to change my PayPal to a Credit Card for all payments, where can I do this? Thanks

Sam Wierema 02-Aug-2011 10:02:11

This question was answered over email.

Masala Zone 20-Aug-2011 02:13:31

Please also inform me how I can change my credit card details

Sam Wierema 22-Aug-2011 04:47:55

I've sent you an email.

Jack Gately 07-Apr-2012 22:51:54

I need this info as well to update my credit card info

Sam Wierema 11-Apr-2012 04:31:53

Jack, I've sent you an email about this as well

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