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I have a premium account; can I see my follower growth for a longer period than a year?

Strategy& 28-Jul-2011 15:30:27

Ideally, I'd like to be able track growth since March 1, 2010. Thanks!

Sam Wierema 04-Aug-2011 09:20:49

Unfortunately you can't achieve this with a graph. The only option you would have is to export your data in .csv format and get the data from there (if available).

Strategy& 04-Aug-2011 14:31:02

Thanks, Sam. I should have mentioned in my first message that I tried to download the .csv, and the furthest it goes back is July 28, 2010, despite the fact that the stats page states: "Tracking @BoozCompany since August 1, 2008." Is this a glitch, or is this all that's available?

Sam Wierema 05-Aug-2011 03:36:31

Ah, I see my answer was written in haste. The .csv export does allow you to export your stats, but only up to a year ago, which would explain why it's only going back to July 28 2010.

While we should probably consider changing this, the only way to get all the stats at this time is by manual export. If you wish to have this, please email me at

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