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Picture is not mine, neither is the name!

unkn0wnq 06-Mar-2010 04:58:00

I was just trying out TwitterCounter for the first time and my name is not "Anita D'souza" and neither is that a picture of me. Help?

Boris VvZ 06-Mar-2010 05:06:37

According to Twitter there is no @Candicepreneur. What happened?

unkn0wnq 06-Mar-2010 19:43:10

Yeah I was playing around to try to get the image to change but it didn't work so I chnged it back to my @Candice_DSouza

Sam Wierema 08-Mar-2010 04:58:54

The right image should show up now, as well as the right name and description. Looks like old information wasn't cleared properly when an update of the account occurred.

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