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Sam Wierema 25-Jul-2011 05:29:06

Presumably you're referring to the 0 value on your graph that occurred on the 22nd of July. This is an error with the Twitter API, returning 0 instead of the right Followers number. There is unfortunately nothing I can do to fix this. I can only confirm that your numbers are again correct.

Juan J. Ramirez 25-Jul-2011 14:39:33

My graph has gone crazy; it went to 0 value, now is totally flat.
Thanks for your help

Sam Wierema 27-Jul-2011 04:30:56

They seem to be flatlining visually because of the 0 value. Once the 0 value is gone from the weekly view it should recover. When you zoom in on the other values you will see the normal growth.

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