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TwitterMail doesn't seem to be working through Google+

John בָּרוּךְ 19-Jul-2011 18:11:42

I set up my TwitterMail account, and got it to work once through Google+ this afternoon.

I can send an email from my email account to the twittermail account, and it goes through. However, sharing a post with the TwitterMail account on Google+ has only worked once for me.

Do you know if this is due to blocking on the part of Google or Twitter, or if there is another issue involved?

Erik 19-Jul-2011 19:19:39

I had nothing but issues with twittermail. Very bad and unreliable. I found instead works good.

Sam Wierema 20-Jul-2011 04:20:09

Hi John, we're currently experiencing some issues with posting to Twittermail from Google+. We're figuring out what exactly is going on and hope to have resolved it today.

John בָּרוּךְ 21-Jul-2011 10:25:15

I'm noticing this morning that if I share something with the circle in which the TwitterMail account has been placed, it doesn't go through to Twitter.

However, if I share something directly with the account - treating it as a private message - that works.

Sam Wierema 22-Jul-2011 10:08:44

Hi John, thank you for that feedback, it will help in determining what's going on. I'm still monitoring all the calls from Google+ and hope to resolve it soon.

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