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Twitter follower count on Hootsuite is incorrect

Todoseries 19-Jul-2011 02:14:32

When I generate a reportt with my follower count on Hootsuite the numbers are wrong, they show the same number of followers since June 9th until June 30th and then it spikes up and keeps steady while our twitter follower count has gone up every day. This doesn't happen on your web graphs though.

Sam Wierema 20-Jul-2011 03:49:31

As far as I know Hootsuite uses our API to retrieve our stats. As such, the stats should be the same.

Our records do show a gap in data between the end of June and the 18th of July, as well as between the 9th and the 25th of July, which would probably explain the discrepancy you're seeing between the two reports.

There is unfortunately nothing I can do to change this, as we can not retro-actively retrieve follower numbers. As I do not know what the Hootsuite report looks like, I also can't say whether it's "fixable".

Todoseries 20-Jul-2011 03:54:25

Thanks for the answer. In your web I can see how the followers grow day by day, but on Hootsuite it only shows huge gaps on certain days and the count is not updated. I will try with different date ranges and hope this shows correctly from now on.
Thanks again

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