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How to cancle my subscription?

서울대학교병원 강남센터 14-Jul-2011 20:01:22

I'd like to stop paying for TWITTER COUNTER service.
How to cancle my subscription?
Plz email me.

Thank you.

Sam Wierema 15-Jul-2011 05:49:18

You can cancel your Premium Twitter Stats subscription via your Subscriptions page I have emailed you with the same answer.

Kiat Huang 16-Jul-2011 15:57:42

Currently for me in Chrome I get a page titled Subscriptions but with blank content. So can't unselect my email even :-(

Sam Wierema 18-Jul-2011 06:02:22

Hi @kiathuang, the subscriptions page is only available to our paid users, which would explain why you're seeing a blank page.

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