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hi, I am trying to look at my stats

TheBarCodeNews 14-Jul-2011 11:59:50

for thebarcodenews but they don't come up. Please help.

Sam Wierema 15-Jul-2011 05:37:46

What exactly is not showing up? A particular graph, or everything? Which pages are not working for you?

TheBarCodeNews 15-Jul-2011 05:40:57

Just the plain screen, which says Check Your Stats on Twittercounter.

TheBarCodeNews 15-Jul-2011 05:44:35

Hi Sam, I also emailed a copy of the screen to you the other day. It may not have gotten through your filters.
This account has been a little problematical in that the other links on Twittercounter don't really work right either. Its as though parts of my account are not recognized by the main TC program. To see campaign activity, i cannot get there by logging into TC. I must use the links that you send me for each campaign. This is not new. What is new is that i cannot see my stats. I am trying to find out when my 240K campaign will run. if you cant figure it out, maybe we should trash the account and create a new one from scratch? very frustrating

TheBarCodeNews 15-Jul-2011 05:45:16

anyway, leaving for a flight now, so i will not be on computer for a few hours...

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