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Serious problem with cut-option (reduced message))

Florian Lippke 12-Jul-2011 17:41:59

Even when I configure a very complex cut-off phrase and although I tried all options (message, meessage-body +/- subject) the mail is cut down after the second line break - how could I avoid this mechanism?

Please Help!

Projekt agade 14-Jul-2011 11:09:59

Same Problem: New account new registered doesn't help: Cut phrase is saved and option is "subject and message". After the second linebreak the message ends without any clue of the text that ist lost - what's up that is not practical at all. More people suffering ?

Sam Wierema 15-Jul-2011 05:35:57

I've just implemented a fix that was already working in the beta. Could you test to see if the cut-option is now adhered to?

Florian Lippke 15-Jul-2011 08:27:14

The fix is working! Great. Is it furthermore possible to preserve the linebreaks as well - the messages will become much more better concerning comfortable reading. When this last thing is solved - I can use it 100 %. Technically it should be possible because twitlonger can already do it. Thanks for the great help -you are doing a greart job! hope to hear from you considering the formatting (linebreak) probelm!

Sam Wierema 17-Jul-2011 11:20:54

The linebreaks issue is now also fixed (i.e. they're not removed anymore), although it is debatable whether to keep linebreaks or to format them to spaces.

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