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Failure to send to multiple twittermail accounts

Bruton Stroube 09-Jul-2011 15:12:59

I have multiple twitter accounts that I would like to use twittermail to tweet to. If I compose a tweet, and send to both accounts (in that same email), only one of the accounts posts the tweet. I can send to either individually, but unable to send to both at the same time. Would love some help. Thank you.

W. Brandon Voges 12-Jul-2011 10:08:44

Is anyone else having this problem? It is very frustrating...this was the whole point of signing up for this service was to be able to email tweets/images to multiple accounts. Arg.

Sam Wierema 12-Jul-2011 11:27:04

A quick glance in our codebase confirms that you can only send one email to one account at this time. However, I consider this to be an improvement on the current service and will be working on adding it to the current beta version of the service. Unfortunately I can not tell when that will be done. For now you would have to send multiple emails to post to multiple accounts.

W. Brandon Voges 12-Jul-2011 13:27:27

Thanks for the response...this is a real bummer. The reason I signed up for the service was to be able to post to multiple accounts (and things other than twitter...being facebook, flickr, etc) all in one email. Are there any plans for this in the future?

Sam Wierema 15-Jul-2011 05:20:15

Yes, I would consider this to be an option in the future. When in the future I can not say.

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