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Text after blank line does not show

De Badgasten 02-Mar-2010 13:25:08

When sending an email to Twittermail address, only the message part until the first blank line (hard break) is shown in Twitter, the remainder of message does not show (also not in the short URL). Can I change Twittermail ettings to have all text shown? Settinn Twittermail to display only Subject, Message Body or both in Twitter has no impact - the problem remains.

Sam Wierema 08-Mar-2010 06:00:16

The Twittermail settings at the Cut-off option state that: "If you leave this blank we'll cut of the email you send after two breaks.". Possibly this is what happening (a break, a blank line and another break makes two breaks).

To remedy this you can set a Cut-off option, so that it only breaks after that bit of text.

De Badgasten 05-Apr-2010 05:29:39

Sam thanks.
Unfortunately, your suggestion did not help. Before I raised the comment on 2-Mar I had already tried various coutoff options (it is now set to the text "qwe").

Could there be anything else wrong? Not all, but most emails with only one linebreak are not showing after the break. The senders are divers, so all types of messages are received on Twittermail.
Thank you again.

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