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Kevin Green 21-Jun-2011 11:00:26

What is happening to the Top 100 lists. They used to update like clockwork 3/6/9/12/3/6/9 CT now they don't, things are all over the place even when they do update they get out of order, people showing up multiple times and now when you update a person manually it doesn't show update till you hit the weekly tab, this started about 10 days ago

Sam Wierema 24-Jun-2011 05:03:09

Hi Kevin, thank you for reporting this issue, we've opened up a bug report and hope to resolve it soon. In the meantime, if you have any examples of pages that do not work, could you place them in this thread, so we can use those to debug?

Kevin Green 24-Jun-2011 06:10:26

an example is #30 he also appears on page 1, this type of thing is all over the ratings

also #21 is higher than #20 but not refreshing,

on the other items it started about June 10th, the updating on standings, not updating charts every 3 hours, and not updating individual stats until you click week, daily etc

Kevin Green 24-Jun-2011 06:11:57

Sorry as for pages to debug it is all users not just some and all stats, top users, top followers etc

The top lists look like it is a year old now I don't think that one updates anymore

Kevin Green 08-Jul-2011 02:26:17

any update?

Sam Wierema 08-Jul-2011 03:36:30

We've identified the source of the issue as one of our database servers lagging behind. As a result all the data returned from the servers is a few days old. We've resolved the issue it was having, and it is catching, although we don't know how long it will take.

We're still looking into the duplicate users bug, but at this point we think it might be related to the issue above.

Kevin Green 23-Jul-2011 20:15:50

Well it's been 32 days and not touched do you actually plan on doing anything, you don't even show Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber anymore in the stats

Sam Wierema 25-Jul-2011 07:07:20

Hi Kevin, the issue is very much ongoing and we're still looking at a delayed database server. At this time we're looking into a solution that wouldn't cause a performance loss.

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