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Twittermail not updating my feed

Jeroen 21-Jun-2011 00:52:50

I'm using a SportTracks ( plug-in to send an email to Twittermail. The mail never arrives (as in: the tweet is never created). I guess this has to do with the format of the mail, because I can send emails to my twittermail without problems from within my email program. I would like to know what rules twittermail applies when denying a mail.

Sam Wierema 21-Jun-2011 02:14:51

Looks like something is going wrong while decoding the HTML email (presuming it's sending in HTML). We can handle all types of emails, including HTML emails, but sometimes decoding fails for some reason.

Unfortunately we currently have no way to debug what's going wrong exactly. We do have a beta program that hopefully improves on some of Twittermail's current limitations. Would you interested in testing the beta to see if the email comes through there? If so, please send an email to

Jeroen 21-Jun-2011 06:50:28

You've got mail!

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