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follower count stuck for almost a week 20-Jun-2011 01:04:29

our button reads 747 for almost a week now, and we are over 1,000 followers on the twitter site. Any idea how we can get the count re-sync'd? Thanks!

Sam Wierema 20-Jun-2011 07:29:20

This issue is usually caused by caching and should resolve within a day. If you're unsure whether the button reflects the latest numbers you can always press "Update stats now" at the top of your page at

John McElhenney #ATX 22-Jun-2011 07:59:12

My button on page is not updating. My counter page is up to date, but my avatar based button is not.

Sam Wierema 24-Jun-2011 07:01:33

Our system did not properly delete the cache we had for your button. We've resolved the issue causing it. Your button should reflect your actual user count within a few hours.

Tanya Manalaysay 04-Jul-2011 02:39:57

My avatar button wouldn't update too. May I know how I can resolve this? :)

Sam Wierema 04-Jul-2011 08:02:43

It's probably just an issue with your local cache needing to be cleared. Is the follower count the same on a different computer or browser?

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