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my twitters are not updating

Caring Hearts Intl. 08-Jun-2011 18:31:49

sending email to my twittermail address and twitter is not updated. it's been working fine until now.

Caring Hearts Intl. 08-Jun-2011 22:14:13

please cancel this question, problem solved and it is working now. thanks. 14-Jun-2011 12:10:34

can you please advise as how this problem was solved...we recently experienced the same thing and it is now a big problem...

Caring Hearts Intl. 14-Jun-2011 13:39:50

"resetting" the account should solve the problem:

1. change the twittermail email address to something else.

2. click "save"

3. logout completely and close your browser.

4. start browser and log back in to twittermail.

5. change the email address back to the original email address.

6. click save.

7. logout.

8. wait 30 minutes.

9. send email to twittermail. this method solved the problem for my account.

doogiekd, web administrator,
caring hearts international

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