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My widget is wonky not working

Distorted_Loop 25-Feb-2010 19:46:18

I'm from

For some reason I think my widget is broken. What must I do to fix it? I tried logging out and in here, and replacing the widget. Advice?

Sam Wierema 26-Feb-2010 04:11:14

Could you be more specific in what exactly is not working, or what you think is broken? When I visit your site it seems to be working fine.

Arjen Schat 02-Mar-2010 06:26:03

It looks like your widget is working fine. To get the most out of it though, promote it in a post and persuade people to login.

likeyoumeanit 03-Mar-2010 10:16:38

I don't even know where to post the widget link I got since the widgets don't give you that option.

Sam Wierema 03-Mar-2010 11:38:39

Hi Katherine, what exactly do you mean? You don't know where to put the widget code?

Sweet Justine 07-Mar-2010 22:57:22

I have tried to add this widget to many pages on my site and it never shows up. I tried both buttons and niether one will work on my site.

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