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Can I speak with someone over the phone

JasonLedderwork 01-Jun-2011 14:46:47

I have some basic questions about getting started on a premium service for a client meeting tomorrow and would greatly appreciate it if I could speak with someone on the phone. I sent an email to the sam@twittercounter address

Sam Wierema 01-Jun-2011 15:25:14

Hi Jason, I've just sent you an email.

TransLink BC 09-Jun-2011 12:21:16


I need to switch my credit card information on my corporate Twitter Counter account. Can you advise me on how to do this? I sent an email to but have not heard back for some time.

Sam Wierema 10-Jun-2011 03:35:18

I've just replied to the email you sent yesterday. I replied to your previous email as well, but that must have been lost in the spam folder. Could you confirm that you have received my response?

TransLink BC 13-Jun-2011 11:19:04

Hi Sam,

Sorry, I don't have it in my mail box. I've supplied a different address, if you could supply those replies to that one instead that would be great.

Sam Wierema 14-Jun-2011 08:27:23

I have two email addresses, one that the account was created with, as well as the email address you've sent us an email with. I have sent instructions to both those addresses.

To be complete I have pasted the same information below:

To change the payment information on your subscription you would first need to deactivate your subscription via your Settings page at Once you've deactivated your subscription you need wait for the renewal period to end and sign up for a new subscription, as there currently is no way for us to change payment details upon re-activation. Your subscription is set to renew on the 2nd of July, so if you cancel now, you would need to sign up again on the 3rd of July, when the renewal period has ended. You can sign up for a new subscription via our signup page at

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