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How to get retweet stats?

ABB Brasil 18-May-2011 08:55:00

Can't get the retweet stats from the report. I have a Pro account, but in the report appears 0 RT, but from twitter I know it's not true! Someone could please help me. Regards

Sam Wierema 18-May-2011 15:24:42

It usually takes some time for us to get all your statistics. And even then sometimes non-native retweets get counted under the @mentions section (point in case see the @mentions for the 12th of May).

I've just tested and it seems that re-tweets do you show up in your report at this time. Might just have a case of waiting for stats to be retrieved.

Raytheon 26-May-2011 16:03:14

Hi Sam. Same issue here. So you're saying this will correct itself?

Sam Wierema 27-May-2011 04:02:28

Yes. The issue should correct itself. In your case it probably hasn't been 24 hours since your signup, which is the time we need to gather the statistics. Let me know if the re-tweets do show up today.

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