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stats from the past

Coto de PeZca 16-May-2011 03:58:52

Can Twitter Counter show the previous stats? When i click on the "

Sam Wierema 18-May-2011 08:08:27

I think your question got cut off, but yes, you can see previous stats by clicking on the "Prev" link at the top right of your chart.

Coto de PeZca 18-May-2011 09:17:14

Hi Sam, yes it was cut off, i want to ask, in my account when i click on Prev Link, the website display the message: error in data file

Sam Wierema 18-May-2011 15:28:36

It seems like we have no stats prior to the 11th of May, which would explain why the "Prev" buttons doesn't show a nice graph, since there is no data to show.

Should resolve over time, as more stats get gathered.

PRmax 20-May-2011 07:01:39

Paid with a tweet as wanted to view the graph showing previous 6 months followers. How do I access the graph?

Sam Wierema 23-May-2011 06:35:21

If you have access you can view your graph here

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