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Cant follow new followers

WillDonnelly 12-May-2011 11:11:08

Hi, I cant follow new followers even though Im not at a barrier that I can tell... I press the follow button, it changes to following for only a sec. and springs back.. cant find any help on twitter.. please help!

Sam Wierema 13-May-2011 08:42:09

You've probably hit a following limit on Twitter. Please read for more information.

WillDonnelly 13-May-2011 09:56:40

Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to answer.. I cant find any other source to contact except the FAQs and if the answer isnt there, tough luck.. so this was my last chance, Ive tweeted the question a few times but no response.. I know about the 2000 wall, but my stats are following 4323 and followers 3926. strange place for a wall... its the 1st time my stats are stagnant (even going downward) and now its been like this for over a week now, so Im a bit lost as to my possibilities to get back up and running. thanks for your info..

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