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What do you want me to do ?

pim 06-May-2011 02:14:41

i don't understan that you suggestd.

pim 06-May-2011 02:19:20

K! if you mean that i must to create country area. how many country ? first England and two Thailand

Sam Wierema 06-May-2011 02:32:30

I can see in our records that you are a Featured User on our website, so this probably concerns the geo-location feature that we offer in your campaign settings.

The geo-location feature allows you to decide where to show your Featured User campaign. So, for example, if you select England and Thailand, the campaign will only be shown in these two countries. If you do not select any country, it will be shown in all countries.

If you do select countries, the order in which you select them is not important.

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