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Cannot follow people!

Keegan Taberner 02-May-2011 00:00:03

When I go to the top 100 lists and try and follow someone, I get "Could not authenticate with OAuth." in return. Why?

Sam Wierema 02-May-2011 08:10:25

This looks to be a bug in our system. I'm assuming you are logged in when you hit the follow button?

Keegan Taberner 02-May-2011 11:07:39

Definitely logged in; I just checked on my Twitter account to see if Twitter Counter is on my list of applications, and it isn't. I must have removed it accidentally. I have tried logging out, and back in on Twitter Counter to get it re-authorized, but it doesn't seem to work? How can I get it back on the list of authorized applications?

Sam Wierema 03-May-2011 05:51:14

Our application is called The Visitor Widget, is that present in your list?

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