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Can you track the number of views your tweets get?

DH Consulting 14-Apr-2011 11:12:39

I would like to track how many people view our tweets even if they don't become a follower, is that possible?

DH Consulting 14-Apr-2011 11:13:27

I am new to this so if this is covered somewhere else I would appreciate knowing about it, thanks for your help.

Sam Wierema 14-Apr-2011 12:08:51

That is not possible. Not with any application, even though they claim to do so.

DH Consulting 14-Apr-2011 12:22:24

Thanks. Is there a reason why not?
Other social media sites can do it.

Sam Wierema 14-Apr-2011 12:57:17

Because you can't install any third party software on Twitter. Tracking how many people see your tweet would require some sort of tracking on and on each separate Twitter client available.

What you could show is the reach, or the number of users that your tweet is shown to. Based on your followers, and the followers of people who retweet or @mention you, you can come to an estimate of people who's timeline contains your tweets. This is, however, by no means an accurate statistic.

DH Consulting 14-Apr-2011 13:05:08

Thanks Sam, I appreciate you taking the time to explain that to me

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