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I was charged again and I thought it was a one time deal only. How do I stop this?

codemyconcept 23-Mar-2011 12:00:21

Last month I paid for the Twittercounter service and I thought it was a one time deal only. I was just charged again and although I love the service, we want to stop automatic charges and be able to use the service sporadically. How do I stop this?
Please do not say go to Settings/premium tab because I just went there and there is no way to undo this there.

Thanks in advance.

Sam Wierema 23-Mar-2011 12:03:46

You can deactivate your Featured User subscription from within your Featured User report page. You can reach the Featured User report page via your menu, or via the link we sent you on purchase. On this page click on "Manage subscriptions" and you should be able to cancel the subscription.

If you're unable to find your Featured User report page, please contact me at

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