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How can I authorize my Twittermail account as a Gmail forwarding address?

Glen Lake Schools 16-Mar-2011 00:05:58

I have spoken with other users who have used Google calendar email reminders to auto-generate tweets through Twittermail. This requires a filter in Gmail that, upon receiving a reminder email for a Gcal event, will forward the reminder message to Twittermail. The problem with this setup is that Gmail requires authentication of forwarding addresses, but Twittermail neither replies to nor posts the authentication request email. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Sam Wierema 16-Mar-2011 08:39:56

We've received all these emails in our system, although we don't know why the tweet wasn't posted to your Twitter account. If you would like to know the confirmation code, please contact me at and I will forward you the content of the email.

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