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Is there a reason why trending data changes?

Office for Mac 22-Feb-2010 18:08:33

Last week I looked at the daily breakdown of our followers, and after checking again today I noticed that for many of the days the numbers changed by anywhere from 10-30 followers on any given day. Is there a reason for this? Will these numbers always change after the fact?
I appreciate that you offer the ability to tracking the trending of your followers, but I would like to know if these are approximate values, or if there is a timer period where I can expect these numbers to be considered "stable"
Thank you!

Sam Wierema 23-Feb-2010 04:18:48

We track your stats on a daily basis and often even multiple times a day. This would account for changing numbers during the day itself (e.g. if you check in the morning, it could be a different number in the evening).

The values you see are values that we get from Twitter. They are however a snapshot taken at any given moment of the day.

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