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Can´t see my stats correctly...

Bruno Grecchi 09-Mar-2011 10:59:24

...but i tried another similar accounts as mine and everything worked well. Any reasons for that? Thanks!

Sam Wierema 10-Mar-2011 02:45:14

What exactly is not working? When I look at your page ( the stats seem to show up just fine. If you're still having issues, could you explain in more detail what is going wrong?

Usually these issues are resolved by updating your stats. You can do so via the "Update stats now" link which you can find at the top of your page.

Bruno Grecchi 10-Mar-2011 14:03:32

Hello Sam!

Please, give it a look:

Of course it´s not true that I posted exactly 6 tweets per day since january.

The same problem happens when I see my followers. It´s static since january.

And I have this problems in other accounts i manage.


Sam Wierema 11-Mar-2011 07:28:44

I've checked our records and it seems like we only have scattered data for your account. There is a gap between the last two days and December. Our graph tries to correct this automatically, resulting in a weird looking graph like you see there.

There is, unfortunately, nothing I can do to resolve that. If you keep updating your stats every day

Sam Wierema 11-Mar-2011 07:29:31

That last sentence should have been: if you keep updating your stats every day the graph should correct itself over time.

Bruno Grecchi 11-Mar-2011 12:16:28

Thanks for helping, Sam!

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