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Inaccurate follower number?

Δlexander 21-Feb-2010 06:49:00

I'm new to this service and not sure I understand it completely... when I view my stats it shows I have 9 followers... but when I log on to twitter I can see I've got 43... could anyone advise?

Thanks! :)

Δlexander 21-Feb-2010 15:11:53

Just an update; the system is now showing my correct number of followers, but it seems to think that they all followed me today.. hence making my predictions for new followers greatly over-estimated!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sam Wierema 23-Feb-2010 05:43:57

Our system shows that we have been tracking you since a couple of days ago. Because we don't show incomplete graphs this would account for sudden spikes and predictions that are off. Once the system has more statistics gathered for your account this should correct itself.

InnerwestDerek 27-Apr-2010 10:20:46

I have the same problem, stopped at 9 users though I am at 40+. Seems to be a common comment on the web, am I doing anything wrong?

Sam Wierema 29-Apr-2010 06:49:22

Did you try the "Update stats now" button?

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