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Wrong emailed stats

The Quote 24-Feb-2011 12:47:40

Every week I get my stats emailed. Subtracting a weeks follower count from the previous weeks follower count should equal the figure stated for growth this week, but it gives a similar but always different figure. Is it consistently wrong or am I misunderstanding this?

Sam Wierema 25-Feb-2011 07:18:22

Your weekly count is taken from the day after we send the newsletter until the day we send it (i.e. not from newsletter to newsletter). Which explains why you're seeing the small discrepancies in the numbers.

The Quote 25-Feb-2011 14:50:14

It is confusing. So which is correct and why? The "growth this week" figure, or the difference between this and last weeks follower count?

I noticed recently I was getting the weekly email every Friday, then one day and perhaps for the foreseeable future, it changed to Thursday, so one week it must be wrong.

Sam Wierema 28-Feb-2011 07:42:19

I think I might have misunderstood your first question. You're saying that in the actual newsletter there is discrepancy between the numbers? I thought you were comparing two newsletters. If so, could you forward your newsletter to so I can take a look?

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