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Excel output doesn't match the data in the charts

Square 23-Feb-2011 16:51:08

I'm looking at our mentions and RTs for @Square and the excel output does not match up with the bar charts being shown. For instance, yesterday - 2/22 - the bar chart says we had 963 mentions and 231 RTs - but the excel output has us at 707 mentions and 241 RTs - I cross checked a few days and saw the same thing. Thoughts? Also, do the mentions include the RTs or are they completely separate?

Square 23-Feb-2011 17:06:18

Also - Did we really have 0 mentions on the 20th and 21st? Considering we have never had a day with zero mentions since being tracked by you guys - it seems strange to have two days in a row with not a mention.

Sam Wierema 24-Feb-2011 04:25:42

The most common source of this discrepancy is that we have no data for the users that have @mentioned you. Since we do not need this data to display a count in the graph, but do need it to show in the .csv (show the username) this number could be lower in the .csv. Another way to put it would be to say we have the @mention data but not the user data.

The mentions initially include non-native retweets (e.g. "Cool! RT @square etc..."), but these are filtered at a later stage.

Regarding the 0 count on the 20th and the 21st. The script processing the @mentions ran into a fatal memory error which was resolved yesterday, but unfortunately two days are now missing for some accounts.

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