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How do we cancel the monthly features used subscription?

Stephen O'Brien 20-Feb-2010 00:18:16

Can't see anyway to do it on the site.

Boris VvZ 20-Feb-2010 00:35:00

You can cancel your subscription at PayPal at any time. This is how to do it:

• Log into PayPal
• Click "History"
• Select "Subscriptions" from the "Show:" drop-down box.
• You may need to select a longer timeframe from the "For:" drop-down box if you have had your account longer than a month. Try selecting "Past Year".
• Press submit.
• You should see an entry called "Subscription Creation" with “TwitterCounter" in the "Name/Email" column. There will be a link in the "Status" column that tells you the status of the subscription. If it says "Active", click it.
• Click the button that says "Cancel Subscription" and follow the remainder of the steps.

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