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How long does it take to update mentions?

Square 22-Feb-2011 17:44:19

I know we have had hundreds of mentions today, but it is not registering in the dashboard. What is the normal layover and can this be sped up?

Square 22-Feb-2011 23:18:22

So Square mentions for Feb 22 was at 796 this afternoon, than came down to 778 several hours later. How is it possible to lose mentions and is the number still updating?

Sam Wierema 23-Feb-2011 04:32:08

Concerning the drop in @mentions. We retrieve all your @mentions from different API endpoints including search. These sometimes contain non-native retweets (e.g. "Cool! RT @square etc..."). These should count towards your retweets and not your @mentions and so they are removed at a later stage, which would account for the drop you've been seeing.

In general we get your @mentions once every hour from the Twitter API and a couple of times a day via search.

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