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I can't check metion and RT !!

CaffeBene 카페베네 22-Feb-2011 08:12:34

i can't see any of mention and RT after Fed 17!!

i gotta check it every week

fix it plz!!!!!

CaffeBene 카페베네 22-Feb-2011 08:18:07

im using premium account!!
what's wrong!!!!!!!!!

Sam Wierema 22-Feb-2011 08:40:58

It seems like the permissions for your account were somehow updated and did not include permissions for Premium Twitter Stats. This has now been resolved.

Your @mentions and retweets should be tracked again.

CaffeBene 카페베네 22-Feb-2011 08:45:09

i can't still see it!!

Sam Wierema 22-Feb-2011 08:50:00

It takes some time for us to retrieve all the stats. Please check back in a couple of hours whether your stats are tracking again.

CaffeBene 카페베네 22-Feb-2011 08:51:34

ok thank u ~ if i can't after hours i notice u again

CaffeBene 카페베네 22-Feb-2011 21:58:29

i check it now
it's not fixed T T
i don't know what to do ..... TT

Sam Wierema 23-Feb-2011 06:56:22

We're checking out what's going wrong. Please contact me at

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