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Stats are not working correctly

Uitgaan Gorinchem 21-Feb-2011 17:02:12

If I go to our stats of tweets posted it doesn't come out right. You can see here that we tweeted very regularly according to the stats, but I can assure you that we do not tweet that regularly ;-)

I hope someone can look into it.

Kind regards,


Uitgaan Gorinchem 21-Feb-2011 17:03:53

Ohw and also our followers en following are not growing that regularly as the stats are saying.

Sam Wierema 22-Feb-2011 03:32:25

Prior to yesterday we only have two other stats records in our system. This means that a whole bunch of data is missing. Our graph algorithm tries to correct this (resulting in the regularity you see in the graph).

There is, unfortunately, no way to correct this. Historically anyway.

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