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How can you cancel your account?

Christine Foley 17-Feb-2011 16:28:17

I need to cancel my account with twitter counter but I'm not seeing where I can do that.

Sam Wierema 18-Feb-2011 11:12:35

Unfortunately there is currently no way to cancel or delete your account from Twitter Counter. The data for your account is public and could be re-added at any time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Louise F. Rhodes 19-Feb-2011 16:49:51

That's ridiculous - there's no indication that you're signing up to anything, then all of a sudden you have an account.

Andrew Walker 21-Feb-2011 11:18:17

Agreed, 'not very chique'. Soon after signing up I realized the service was not as insightful as I had hoped it would be. The majority of clicks brings me to the "sign-up (&pay for a premium account)". Please make it possible to cancel accounts or at least manually cancel mine.
Many thanks in advance.

Denise Mitchell 23-Feb-2011 04:44:30

I agree that there should be a way of cancelling your twittercounter account. I clicked on a link on a blog that I followed thinking that I was clicking to follow him on twitter and the next thing I knew I had this account. I didn't agree to any of this beforehand. Not sure that this is ethical.

Sam Wierema 23-Feb-2011 05:37:30

Closing or "deleting" your account is as simple as logging out of Twitter Counter and removing permission for our app The Visitor Widget from Twitter's settings page

The data we collect is publicly available via the Twitter API. All visitors to our website can track the basic statistics for every Twitter user available via the Twitter API just by typing their names in the URL. We use the collected data to create a page with a historic graph of a given user's Twitter statistics. Tracking and displaying this data does not constitute an account, but merely a page on our website.

Only when you have signed in to Twitter Counter via our login button and have gone through the OAuth process do we create a personal account associated with your Twitter user. This account, as stated at the top, is quickly closed or "deleted" by logging out and removing permissions.

I should add, as a side note, that the numbers we collect are always available and visible on your own Twitter page, even if your account is set to private.

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