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How do i get reply messages true twittermail??

Kehal D'PotoshMacher 15-Feb-2011 15:13:26

How could i get a messeg when someone reply's 2me???

Sam Wierema 16-Feb-2011 04:16:21

This is not possible through Twittermail. You can enable notifications through apps like Tweetdeck and Twitter for Android and iPhone I think. And you can always check on via the Twitter interface itself, by clicking on @Mentions.

Kehal D'PotoshMacher 16-Feb-2011 11:17:18

So what means 'receive replies via email'
Thats what it saids on twittermail??

Sam Wierema 16-Feb-2011 12:57:01

You're right, the Twittermail page did state that you could receive replies to your tweets via Twittermail.

However, this feature is no longer available through Twittermail currently. It will also not return in the near future. We've now removed the text from the Twittermail page.

Sorry for the confusion.

Kehal D'PotoshMacher 16-Feb-2011 13:07:16

Kk! Thanks!

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