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Doesn't seem to work

OutsideInfo Grains 17-Feb-2010 09:00:04

I am interested in twittermail. I (think I) signed up for an account. My twitter account is OI_Grains. But when I tried sending an email to my new twittermail address it didn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Help!

Boris VvZ 17-Feb-2010 09:48:47

Usually this is fixed by generating a new TwitterMail address in your settings. Go here and enter a new address and try that:

OI Financials 17-Feb-2010 10:24:21

Ah. That did the trick. Thanks! Also, is there a way to "cut off" AFTER text? What I want to do is forward emails to my twitter and I don't want the FWD: to show up.

Arjen Schat 17-Feb-2010 10:48:57

You'll have to remove the FWD by hand. We won't automate this, because different languages use different terms. We tweet what you send.

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