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como faço para editar minha bio

osvaldo v. fernandes 08-Feb-2011 12:02:53

como faço para editar minha biografia

Sam Wierema 08-Feb-2011 12:14:52

Hi, could you ask you question in English?

osvaldo v. fernandes 08-Feb-2011 12:17:29

eu tenho tradutor e você não tem?

Sam Wierema 09-Feb-2011 04:40:10

Yes, I can use Google Translate, but I would like every user to be able to understand the question and the respective answer. Your question is: "how do I edit my biography?"

The answer is that you can edit your biography in the Twitter settings ( Once you've changed it there you need to update your profile on Twitter Counter by pressing "Update stats now" at the top of your page

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