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Explanation of the exported stats

Kevin Duffy 02-Feb-2011 13:49:15

Is there something that explain the exported stats? Or the info that is exported?

In particular, if I see that a particular Tweet was RT'd 4 times but only 1 person is listed under "Retweeted by" what does that mean? Where are the other three people?

Also, the stats I see on the graphs don't seem to match up with the stats I get when I export to a CSV. Why is that? E.G. graph says I got 21 Rts but the exported .CSV stats indicate I only got 16.

Sam Wierema 08-Feb-2011 09:44:46

This discrepancy in numbers is explained by the fact that we do not have user data for some users, even though we have stored that they retweeted you (you have been retweeted 21 times, but we only have data for 16 users).

We try to get all the data for missing users, but sometimes it doesn't happen. We're working on getting this corrected.

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