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I can't visualize the twitter counter of one user

mirmat T750 02-Feb-2011 09:05:49

I'm trying to visualize the twitter graph of a user, but when I write the username, it's not the one I want to visualize. please, check it: if I look here for @eroski, that username has only 14 followers, and if i go to twitter, the user @EROSKI has more than 500 followers, has an image profile, and tweets often..
can you help me?

Pablo Román 03-Feb-2011 04:46:13

Hi Mireia, This could happen when @eroski created an account, then he deleted his account (or changed his username) and then a different person took over the username @eroski. At this moment we don't have a process to check this kind of situations automatically but I'll see if we can fix it manually.

Thanks for your question, hope you enjoy our stats!

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